More Sewing Projects

I have been in a sewing mood lately so I decided to whip out some clothes for the kids. Ally as usual requested for a pink dress. I used the pattern Habitual Sundress Pattern and finished it off with this tutorial from Freshly Picked.

Unfortunately the measurements from the Habitual Sundress were HUGE. I cut a size 2 and even then Ally was swimming in it. I had to make lots of modifications and even then the armholes still need some tweaking. Unfortunately that will have to wait for another day since Ally was asleep by the time I had finished and I need her to do another fitting. I used store bought bias tape to finish the armholes cos I simply can’t be bothered to make my own. After pricking myself numerous times with pins, I wasn’t keen to burn my fingers with the iron trying to make double folded bias tape.

Once I finished the dress, I found some seersucker material in my stash and decided to sew a pair of shorts. I have been trying to find THE perfect shorts pattern and though I’ve come close, I still haven’t found it. So I decided to take a pair of Ally’s favourite shorts and disect it to make my own pattern. I measured from the waist to the crotch, then from the crotch to where I wanted the shorts to end. I must say they turned out better than I expected and I’m really pleased.

My next project is to try and master the PJ pattern I purchased from Fishsticks Designs. She has the cutest outfits for boys but at the moment it’s a bit of a stretch for a beginner like myself.


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  1. Don

    You are a pro already! The dress and shorts look really good and very professional.

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