Our Furry Friend

I just realised that I’ve not written a post about another important member of our family. We adopted Neesha when she was about 2, Ally was just shy of a year old. Neesha had been abandoned by her previous owner and the pet shop had taken her in. We hesitated for a while before we finally decided to adopt her. We weren’t sure how she was going to take to Ally and vice versa, as it turned out, we had nothing to worry about.

How could anyone abandon this face?

Neesha has always been kind and gentle with the children. Of course there have been times she has accidentally knocked them over just because she isn’t aware of how big she is. But for the most part she is such a sweetheart and puts up with a lot from the kids.

Ally use to love sitting on her, now Max does the same

Between the two kids, Max is the one who really has a soft spot for her. He looks for her each time he wakes up and really loves playing with her. Ally is more of a cat person but even she loves having Neesha around.

I know Golden Retrievers are known for their placid personality but Neesha has an excellent temprement. Ever since we had her, she has barked a total of 10 times? If that. She is eager to please which makes training her quite easy. She hasn’t dirtied the house except the one time when she was sick, other than that  you really cannot fault her.

She loves swimming at Sentosa

Neesha has brought so much joy and love into our home, we are so grateful that she’s ours.

Her rather unlady like sleeping position. Think the flash from the camera woked her up, hence her funny eye


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