Come Into My Classroom Day

Monday was Ally’s ” Come Into My Classroom Day” where parents are invited to spend the morning with their children in class. As usual, Max came along for the morning as well and he really enjoyed himself!

Ally was using the letter stamps

to "write" her name in clay

It was interesting to watch Ally in her school environment, she seemed confident and well settled which is more than I could ask for. Max was like the class pet, everyone wanted to pet him/play with him but he wasn’t in the mood to socialise and spent a lot of time trying to avoid the enthusiastic children.

Max enjoyed hanging out with Ally and wanted to copy exactly what she was doing

He found this trolley especially facinating. Unfortunately the wheels were hard to manouver so he spent a lot of time yelling at it in frustration

When it was time for outdoor play, Ally decided to hang out with me instead of playing with her friends. We sat on the swing together for quite a while and I seriously think age is catching up with me cos I actually felt a little sick with all that swinging. When I asked her what activity was next after outdoor play, she replied ” after outdoor it’s time for inside doors”  Sometimes she really cracks me up!



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