The Finished Skirt

I finally finished the double layered skirt for Ally, only to realise that it looked kind of odd. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it just look, strange on her. Anyway she loved it so much that she wanted to wear it immediately. Thanks to my dear mom, I finally realised what the problem was, the skirt was too long! So I quickly shortened the hem once again and I’m happy to say it’s now the perfect length!

The photo looks a bit dull cos it was taken with my iphone

I love how Ally’s face lights up whenever she sees something that I’ve sewn for her. In her eyes it doesn’t matter if my sewing is messy or if the hemline isn’t perfectly straight. She always says to me ” thank you for taking the time to make me something Mama, I love it!”  Those few words are more than enough to keep me going!



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6 responses to “The Finished Skirt

  1. daphne

    Your Ally is a sweetheart. I would love to meet up with you guys at some point.

  2. Jus

    Awww, so sweet, your Ally! The skirt looks lovely! 🙂

  3. looking foward to see a ‘how to sew’ tutorial on your blog!

    • Aiyoh, I’m in no position to do a ” How to Sew” tutorial, but I can definitely do a ” Mistakes I’ve made while sewing” post. One especially painful one involved my finger going under the sewing needle and coming out oozing with blood

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