Art Classes for Ally

Ally has started attending art classes on Sundays, she went for a trial two weeks ago and wanted to go back. Right now she’s still not comfortable being left alone in class so I usually sit in and accompany her. The first week she was very distracted, which is to be expected since everything is new to her. The class is a mixed class, there are kids of various ages and she was the youngest. There are several teachers  and one main teacher with a ratio of 1:4.

Ally has only started to hold her pencil correctly so we thought art classes would be a good way to improve her fine motor skills. Her teacher is quite technical and can be slightly impatient at times, she seems to work a lot better with the slightly older more independent children. But Ally likes her and she seems to be learning. This is her first piece of art work.

She did 90% of the work on her own, with some suggestions from her teacher along the way

At her second class, she went ready with a subject to draw, her beloved penguin. Once again she didn’t want me to leave her alone so I sat in. I was surprised that she painted her penguin in different colors, I thought she’ll stick to the traditional black and white. She said it’s a girl penguin, hence the red beak cos she is wearing lipstick.

Once again she did 90% of the work, this time she struggled a bit to stay within the lines

I’m not sure how long her interest in art is going to last, but we’ll just let her try it out as long as she enjoys it.


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