Chatter box

People are always very surprise to learn that Ally only started talking after her 2nd birthday. The later start didn’t do anything to deter her, cos she’s a real chatterbox!

Max has suddenly started speaking a lot more these days as well. He’s able to express his needs/ wants, not to mention his dislikes as well!. The other day he heard a loud bang and asked grandma ” What’s happening?”  but his most used phase must be ” My turn!” each time he plays with Ally.

It’s pretty cute listening to him, suddenly he seems more grown up, no longer a baby. With Ally I was so eager for her to start talking ( obviously not knowing what was in store) and now with Max I’m happy for him to talk at his own time. I can’t imagine having two chatterboxes in the house asking ” why Mama?’ continuously the whole day.


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