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Lego Land

Max has always shown an interest in constructing things, building blocks can entertain him for hours. Ally on the other hand, has only recently started to show an interest in Duplo. Max was given a set at christmas but it turns out that Ally likes it better than him. Mainly because it has penguins in it.

The other day I saw her building something and she said to me ” this is penguin’s house!” this is the first time she has ever contructed something so of course I was very impressed.

Ally's penguin house

Then she asked for a Duplo set and I said alright since Duplo /lego are the sort of toys that are timeless. We went to the shop and I just couldn’t resist buying a set of Lego for myself.  It has been ages since I’ve played with Lego and I am so impressed with how detailed it is! I bought the Christmas Toy Shop and it took me 3 hours to put together. There were so many small pieces and they even have bricks that light up!

Can you see the little train and robot through the shop window? Such detail!

I had so much fun putting the set together, by the time I had finished my fingers were all red from putting together all the tiny pieces. Not to mention hunting for those tiny pieces that I seem to keep dropping on the floor.

I could not stop admiring the completed set, it's just too cute!

Even the husband was impressed once I was done, he kindly cleared a space on the shelf just for my Lego. Ally has already asked for the Duplo princess set but it’s out of stock at the moment so maybe Santa might bring that to her for Christmas. I don’t blame her though, I’m eyeing another Christmas set to add to my collection!

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An Elephant In The Room

Max and I followed Ally to school today and he found some toys cars and wooden blocks to entertain himself. I was too busy observing Ally and didn’t take much notice of what he was doing. Then he called and demanded me to ” see! see!”

Lo and behold, Max had built a parking garage, at least I think that’s what it was. He said ” car” and then proudly pointed to the elephant on the top. So I asked him what the elephant was doing that and he replied ” car” so I deduced that the elephant was the parking attendant.


Max's car garage with Mr Elephant as the car park attendant


Obviously Max had an animal theme going on cos right next to the elephant car park this was what he built.

Who needs a wheel clamp?  Use a horse to block their path instead! He kept pointing to the horse saying “orse, orse” obviously proud of his ingenuity.

Even though this photo has nothing to do with Max's creations, I had to include it anyway cos I think he looks too darn cute

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A Camping We Will Go

Ally has developed an sudden interest in camping thanks to a book that Grandma read to her. She has been asking us to take her camping for the last week so we decided to buy a tent and camp at home.

We headed to Giant supermarket to find something cheap and cheerful. They only had one type of tent so that’s the one we ended up buying. Note to self, always read the label on the product! ( You’ll soon see why)

Unknown to us, we had purchased a six men tent, yes, that’s right, 6 men tent. It was huge, no, make that MASSIVE and took up almost the whole of our living room.

I know its hard to see the tent cos the picture is too dark but you can kind of make out how big it is

Ally was super excited, she took her blanket, pillow and her new sleeping bag inside the tent. To make it a bit more comfortable, I dragged the spare mattress in for her as well. Even with the fan blowing directly inside the tent, it started to get stuffy very quickly. We turned on the A/C which made it a lot more bearable. In the meantime poor Max was placed in his crib to sleep. I couldn’t bear the thought of having him waking up through the night and roaming around the house.

She even had a little camping lamp that Grandpa had bought for her.

It took Ally a little while to get to sleep since she was so excited but she eventually did and slept right through to the next morning. The tent was surprisingly easy to put away despite its size. She has already asked when we can go ” camping” again so we might have to make this a weekly affair.

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Afternoon At The Playground

It was one of those days where the weather was perfect. The sky was overcast but there wasn’t any rain. Since we didn’t have anything planed for the afternoon, I took all 3 kids ( Nessha ) included to the playground.

Max managed to climb right to the top using the ladder all by himself.

Not sure why Ally had that look on her face

Max had his Thomas train in his hand as usual

Ally pretending to have a nap

Up and down the slide, I was getting dizzy watching them

Max rolled his train down the slide and was asking Ally to pass it back to him

They love to hang onto the bar and swing

By the time they were done playing, Max’s head was drenched in sweat. The kids took a long bath when they got home and then everyone got ready for dinner. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon!

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Pork Chop is 20 months

I can’t believe how fast time flies, Max is 20 months old today. The cheeky boy has brought so much love and laughter to our family.

He loves to make us laugh, like wearing Ally's cap and doing a goofy face while telling everyone to " see, see"

His speech has improved by leaps and bounds, right now his favourite phase is ” Thomas and his friends”

He loves vehicles of any sort, especially Thomas the train

He loves playing silly games with Ally, they were pretending to be buildings that would crash onto the bed. A sure recipe for injury in our house

Max is very accident prone, he trips over his feet at least once a day and bumps his head every so often. At times he looks like a victim of child abuse, I swear all his injuries are self inflected!

He is still a very picky eater, I hold on to hope that his appetite will continue to improve.

There are days he’ll eat like there is no tomorrow, other days he’ll have one mouthful of porridge and that’s it.  It’s frustrating cooking for him since he doesn’t appreciate your efforts but I’ve learned not to make meal time a battle. The food gets taken away after a reasonable amount of time and he’ll just have to wait for the next meal.

Even though he’s lost most of his baby fats, he’s still our little pork chop whom we love very much. Happy 20 months dear Max!

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Trip to MyGym

Ally’s school organised a field trip for the Pre K class to MyGym at Tampines. I went along as a parent volunteer and Max tagged along since I couldn’t find a babysitter.

The trip was lots of fun, it was interesting watching Ally in her school environment. I was really pleased that she seems to follow instructions well and interacts with her friends and teachers.

It was the first time for Ally on a school bus, she was really funny, when she first saw the bus pull up at the school she quickly exclaimed ” oh no! I forgot my Ez link card!” The adults couldn’t help laughing at her innocence.

Ally was biting her nails, a sign that she's nervous. Unfortunately, she inherited that bad habit from me

The moment we reached MyGym, it was like we unleashed the children at Disney land. They were running, jumping, screaming and basically just being kids.

Ally was in her element, she loves stuff like this and immediately headed to the big ball pool.  It’s a shame I’ve forgotten my camera so the only photos I could snap were from my phone which didn’t turn out great.

Who doesn't love a pit full of balls!

I was quite impress with the staff at the gym, they were enthusiastic, helpful and really made sure the kids had a good time. We left the gym very happy and tired, kids and adults alike.

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Travelling With 2 Monkeys

I decided to take the children to Ikea since we didn’t have anything planned this afternoon. The trip in itself took us an hour since we had to take a bus to the MRT, get on the train then take another bus. Usually when I’m out alone with the kids I either have a stroller or my Beco carrier but today I decided to be a hero and just venture out with nothing. Well not nothing, I had my secret stash in my bag.

Ally enjoys bus rides and train rides in general, she talks the whole way there and back which is entertaining and tiring at the same time. Max has ants in his pants and cannot sit still. He changes position every 5 minutes and is honestly a pain.This is where my secret stash comes in handy.

We had just missed our bus and the next one would take at least ten minutes to arrive. The kids started to get restless so I pulled out my secret weapon. Sure enough, it kept them happy till the bus came!


My secret weapon, Thomas the train toys to keep the kids occupied while we wait and travel


Most people would be appalled to know that I allow my children to sit on the floor of the MRT platform while waiting for the train. In my opinion, they weren’t in anyone’s way and it definitely beats having them running around. Besides, it’s nothing that a little antiseptic and wet wipes can’t cure.


Once again Thomas saves the day and makes waiting for the MRT that much more bearable


By the time we reached Ikea, the kids were staving so we headed to the cafe to fill our tummies.


Max was very facinated by the huge hanging light, he kept calling it a "moon"


Ikea was surprisingly empty, it was great cos the kids had the whole mini play area all to themselves.


She may look tiny, but she sure can eat.

Both the kids are such different eaters, Ally is small but is a bottomless pit. She had three whole chicken wings, a small portion of rice and a couple of french fries. When we left the store she said she was hungry again and had a hot dog. Max on the other hand, had ketchup, some fries, some chicken, and a tiny bit of meatball. In that particular order. And when I say some, I mean a tiny miniscule amount, I swear that boy survives on air, water and milk.


By the time we finished walking the store it was already 7pm and nearing the children’s bedtime. It took us another 45 minutes to reach home and by that time I was more ready for bed then they were. Thankfully Matt took over and put them to bed, I’m always so thankful that he’s such a hands on dad.


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