Decluttering 101

Matt and I have just spent the last 3 hours de-cluttering the store room. 2 kids and 4 years later, our storeroom has morphed into a war zone. With the kids at grandma’s for the night, we decided it was time to tackle the mess.

I have to admit I used to be very sentimental about possessions, keeping ticket stubs, old letters…etc. As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown a lot more practical, if it doesn’t serve a purpose, if I can’t wear it anymore, out it goes. With that in mind, we must have thrown out/recycled, at least 5 boxes worth of stuff. A friend of mine used to say ” A place for everything, everything in its place” and now finally, I can proudly say that is what our storeroom is.

I found it very therapeutic, getting rid of things that we don’t longer use/need. We can finally step into the store room without tripping over things. The shelves are packed neatly and everything looks orderly. Let’s just hope it stays that way. I just realised that Mama J has written a post about de-cluttering as well. Great minds think alike my friend  🙂


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  1. Jus

    Heehee… The title of this post caught my eye! Great you could clear the storerm, I do not even dare to open the door to mine! ;p

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