Speed Demons

Ally getting all geared up

My kids love to go fast, they definitely got that from their father cos I’m quite happy to take a nice stroll and stop to smell the roses. Now that Ally can ride her bike really well, she keeps looking for more slopes to conqure. My heart skips a beat each time she charges down one but the rest of the family seem oblivious to the accident that I can foresee happening. In all fairness she has only crashed into the barriers once and banged her helmet against the rails, oh, and the near pond incident at the Botanics of course.

Max can’t ride a bike yet but he loves sitting in his battery operated car. Matt has changed the battery so that it actually goes pretty fast. Luckily it comes with a remote control so his father is in control, or maybe that’s not such a good thing after all.

Look at the joy on his face!

The faster he goes, the happier he is

Then he decided it was more fun to stand in the car

I freaked out the first time he stood up in the car, with a stronger battery, it actually jerks quite badly each time you start and stop. Then Matt said to me ” he’s ok, he usually stands in the car when I bring him down to play”

Like her brother, she's happiest when she's going fast

Ever the big sister, she never fails to stop to wait for her brother

The bike vs. car race

They raced to the fitness stations.....

To continue their monkey business

It’s amazing how much fun a simple fitness station can offer to two active toddlers.

This bar was their favourite for some strange reason

Ally found something else to swing from

while Max wandered off....

It’s no wonder that the kids always say Matt is more fun, I’m always the one telling them to slow down or be careful while he encourages them to try out whatever they want. Maybe it’s time I loosened up a little as well

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