Of Balls and Bikes

We had arrange to meet our friend at the Botanical gardens for a quick meal and to let the children play. Ally decided to bring her bike and Max is now permanently attached to his push car. He wants to go everywhere with it and throws a fit if you try to take it away. He’s too young to realise that it isn’t cool for a boy to ride a pink car , ignorance is bliss.

Max and his beloved car, he's really fast and nearly rolled down a flight of steps giving his mother a heart attack

The weather was perfect, overcast but no rain. We took the kids to the field and they had such a great time running around, screaming, pushing the car down the hill…etc. It was a fantastic way of using up their energy.

Max, Jack and some other boy we happened to meet

Ally attempting a cartwheel, she looks the part

but the actual execution fell a little short

She's such a loving sister, always willing to help Max.

Max managed to roll backwards and fall over while Ally went down and slope and nearly fell into the pond. Both were unfazed by the incidents but I nearly had a heart attack when I saw Ally heading towards the pond. Luckily she was in front of me and I managed to grab her shirt.

She was so happy to have all that open space to just run and play

Max and his trains, never goes anywhere without them

Jack brought a little football and the kids had a blast kicking, chasing and throwing. To tire them out even more we would suggest to them to kick as far as they could and then race to see who could get the ball first. Perfect activity for active toddlers. Max tried to keep up with the older kids as much as he could, as usual his whole head was drenched in sweat within five minutes. We took two very smelly, sweaty and tired children home, it really was one of those perfect evenings.

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