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Zoo Trip With The Kids

Since we live relatively near to the Zoo, the kids and I like to go there quite often. Taking two toddlers to the zoo on my own wears me out for nearly the entire day. Here are some of my essential zoo survival tips:

  • If possible, avoid visiting the zoo on weekends, public holidays and school holidays. The place is PACKED
  • Try to go early in the morning, it can get unbearably hot in the afternoon
  • If you have young children, bring a stroller, there’s lots of walking.
  • Taking the tram is a good way to to view some of the animals but you tend to miss a lot of the exhibits
  • Try to watch an animal show or view one of the feeding times. My kids love the giraffe and goat feeding
  • Bring some small snacks in case the kids get hungry, food options are limited at the zoo.
  • Don’t forget the mozzie repellent, use LOTS of it.
  • Check the website for scheduled closures of the Rainforest Kidzworld play areas. Once we forgot and Ally was all excited only to find the water area closed for maintenance.
  • Always be prepared for wet weather, ponchos are available for sale at the gift shops but if you have a tiny toddler like Max, nothing will fit him so best to bring your own.
  • Try not to over schedule especially with young children. We usually aim to watch one show or do one animal feeding, the rest of the time we walk around to look for the animals that the children love like Ally’s penguins or Max’s giraffes.

Hope you found my tips helpful, have fun at the Zoo!

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