Man Things Have Changed!

Since it’s the school holidays, I decided to take the kids to the Science centre. The last time I stepped into the Science centre was more than 10 years ago and this is how I remembered it, ” Dark, dirty and musky” . But I checked out the website and it did look pretty impressive so we decided to give it a shot.

Max refused to leave the Zhu Zhu pet at home, it was squealing and making all sorts of annoying noises the entire journey. Oh, I am proud to say that his shorts were sewn by me!

Ally was thrilled that there was a water play area, she reminded me no less than 3 times to pack her swimsuit.

The highlight of the day for the kids

From the outside the building was impressive, there was a garden with some water jets that kids could play with without buying a ticket to the science centre. The Water Works area is inside at Hall A, took us awhile to find it. We went early in the morning before the crowds came in so the kids had the place mostly to themselves.

Ally ran into the maze of jets immediately

Max prefered the tamer water jets, he's not a big fan of water play areas

The kids loved the exhibit with the balls, even I was taken by it. Jets of water would shoot the plastic balls in the bucket, then they would travel along a course and end up in Ally called ‘ the washing machine”

The "washing machine"

Ally was really good at retrieving balls for Max who could barely reach the exhibit without failling in

She kept her eye firmly on the pink ball

Ally was so excited she kept running, jumping and screaming. One would think she had never been allowed out of the house before

It was so cute to watch the kids playing. Ally just ran to everything without even thinking. Max, never a fan of water jets, hung back and was more than happy to watch his big sister. He saw a big red button and pressed it, never expecting that it triggered off this extremely loud awful noise. The look on his face as he ran away in fear as priceless! Poor boy!

Can you guess what she's trying to do?

Ally saw a group of older kids do this really neat trick. They took the balls over to the maze of water jets and made them float.

She was thrilled when she finally got one to stay up

And even more excited when she managed two!

Max was curious as to how the balls were staying up, but not curious enough to venture closer. He stayed a good few feet away from the jets and nothing could convince him to go closer.

Still looking at the water jets, unimpressed as always

They loved the water exhibit that explained how water goes from the reservoirs to homes, Ally kept saying " look Mama, I made it rain!"

Max looking at the "rain"

There were too many exhibits to cover since the kids were getting hungry and tired. I was surprise to find that the Maths exhibit was actually kind of interesting. There were a lot of hands on displays and the kids enjoyed finding out what each one was about. Of course the concepts were too complex for them so I tried to explain it as simply as I could.

For young children the Discovery zone is a must. There is a slide, a big water trough, a simple climbing structure and we were lucky enough to watch a baby chick hatch that morning.

Ally loved the displays, Max was more interested in the turtle that was swimming in the tank

We spent about two hours but honestly, there was so much more to see. I didn’t want to push my luck cos it was way past nap time and they were starting to get hungry. The admission ticket allows you re-entry within that same day which is great. We’ll definitely go back to explore the other exhibits that we missed, hopefully the next time Matt will be free to join us.


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2 responses to “Man Things Have Changed!

  1. Jus

    Gosh! I love those shorts you sewed for Max, really nice! You’re good at this sewing thing. 🙂 Ally really is a water baby, she really looks so happy playing in the water!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments, the shorts look fine when he’s wearing them but they pucker around the bum/crotch area. Somehow I can’t seem to get it right! Love your Taiwan pictures, looks like you guys had a fantastic trip

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