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Lego Land

Max has always shown an interest in constructing things, building blocks can entertain him for hours. Ally on the other hand, has only recently started to show an interest in Duplo. Max was given a set at christmas but it turns out that Ally likes it better than him. Mainly because it has penguins in it.

The other day I saw her building something and she said to me ” this is penguin’s house!” this is the first time she has ever contructed something so of course I was very impressed.

Ally's penguin house

Then she asked for a Duplo set and I said alright since Duplo /lego are the sort of toys that are timeless. We went to the shop and I just couldn’t resist buying a set of Lego for myself.  It has been ages since I’ve played with Lego and I am so impressed with how detailed it is! I bought the Christmas Toy Shop and it took me 3 hours to put together. There were so many small pieces and they even have bricks that light up!

Can you see the little train and robot through the shop window? Such detail!

I had so much fun putting the set together, by the time I had finished my fingers were all red from putting together all the tiny pieces. Not to mention hunting for those tiny pieces that I seem to keep dropping on the floor.

I could not stop admiring the completed set, it's just too cute!

Even the husband was impressed once I was done, he kindly cleared a space on the shelf just for my Lego. Ally has already asked for the Duplo princess set but it’s out of stock at the moment so maybe Santa might bring that to her for Christmas. I don’t blame her though, I’m eyeing another Christmas set to add to my collection!

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