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An Elephant In The Room

Max and I followed Ally to school today and he found some toys cars and wooden blocks to entertain himself. I was too busy observing Ally and didn’t take much notice of what he was doing. Then he called and demanded me to ” see! see!”

Lo and behold, Max had built a parking garage, at least I think that’s what it was. He said ” car” and then proudly pointed to the elephant on the top. So I asked him what the elephant was doing that and he replied ” car” so I deduced that the elephant was the parking attendant.


Max's car garage with Mr Elephant as the car park attendant


Obviously Max had an animal theme going on cos right next to the elephant car park this was what he built.

Who needs a wheel clamp? ¬†Use a horse to block their path instead! He kept pointing to the horse saying “orse, orse” obviously proud of his ingenuity.

Even though this photo has nothing to do with Max's creations, I had to include it anyway cos I think he looks too darn cute

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