A Camping We Will Go

Ally has developed an sudden interest in camping thanks to a book that Grandma read to her. She has been asking us to take her camping for the last week so we decided to buy a tent and camp at home.

We headed to Giant supermarket to find something cheap and cheerful. They only had one type of tent so that’s the one we ended up buying. Note to self, always read the label on the product! ( You’ll soon see why)

Unknown to us, we had purchased a six men tent, yes, that’s right, 6 men tent. It was huge, no, make that MASSIVE and took up almost the whole of our living room.

I know its hard to see the tent cos the picture is too dark but you can kind of make out how big it is

Ally was super excited, she took her blanket, pillow and her new sleeping bag inside the tent. To make it a bit more comfortable, I dragged the spare mattress in for her as well. Even with the fan blowing directly inside the tent, it started to get stuffy very quickly. We turned on the A/C which made it a lot more bearable. In the meantime poor Max was placed in his crib to sleep. I couldn’t bear the thought of having him waking up through the night and roaming around the house.

She even had a little camping lamp that Grandpa had bought for her.

It took Ally a little while to get to sleep since she was so excited but she eventually did and slept right through to the next morning. The tent was surprisingly easy to put away despite its size. She has already asked when we can go ” camping” again so we might have to make this a weekly affair.

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