Trip to MyGym

Ally’s school organised a field trip for the Pre K class to MyGym at Tampines. I went along as a parent volunteer and Max tagged along since I couldn’t find a babysitter.

The trip was lots of fun, it was interesting watching Ally in her school environment. I was really pleased that she seems to follow instructions well and interacts with her friends and teachers.

It was the first time for Ally on a school bus, she was really funny, when she first saw the bus pull up at the school she quickly exclaimed ” oh no! I forgot my Ez link card!” The adults couldn’t help laughing at her innocence.

Ally was biting her nails, a sign that she's nervous. Unfortunately, she inherited that bad habit from me

The moment we reached MyGym, it was like we unleashed the children at Disney land. They were running, jumping, screaming and basically just being kids.

Ally was in her element, she loves stuff like this and immediately headed to the big ball pool.  It’s a shame I’ve forgotten my camera so the only photos I could snap were from my phone which didn’t turn out great.

Who doesn't love a pit full of balls!

I was quite impress with the staff at the gym, they were enthusiastic, helpful and really made sure the kids had a good time. We left the gym very happy and tired, kids and adults alike.


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