Travelling With 2 Monkeys

I decided to take the children to Ikea since we didn’t have anything planned this afternoon. The trip in itself took us an hour since we had to take a bus to the MRT, get on the train then take another bus. Usually when I’m out alone with the kids I either have a stroller or my Beco carrier but today I decided to be a hero and just venture out with nothing. Well not nothing, I had my secret stash in my bag.

Ally enjoys bus rides and train rides in general, she talks the whole way there and back which is entertaining and tiring at the same time. Max has ants in his pants and cannot sit still. He changes position every 5 minutes and is honestly a pain.This is where my secret stash comes in handy.

We had just missed our bus and the next one would take at least ten minutes to arrive. The kids started to get restless so I pulled out my secret weapon. Sure enough, it kept them happy till the bus came!


My secret weapon, Thomas the train toys to keep the kids occupied while we wait and travel


Most people would be appalled to know that I allow my children to sit on the floor of the MRT platform while waiting for the train. In my opinion, they weren’t in anyone’s way and it definitely beats having them running around. Besides, it’s nothing that a little antiseptic and wet wipes can’t cure.


Once again Thomas saves the day and makes waiting for the MRT that much more bearable


By the time we reached Ikea, the kids were staving so we headed to the cafe to fill our tummies.


Max was very facinated by the huge hanging light, he kept calling it a "moon"


Ikea was surprisingly empty, it was great cos the kids had the whole mini play area all to themselves.


She may look tiny, but she sure can eat.

Both the kids are such different eaters, Ally is small but is a bottomless pit. She had three whole chicken wings, a small portion of rice and a couple of french fries. When we left the store she said she was hungry again and had a hot dog. Max on the other hand, had ketchup, some fries, some chicken, and a tiny bit of meatball. In that particular order. And when I say some, I mean a tiny miniscule amount, I swear that boy survives on air, water and milk.


By the time we finished walking the store it was already 7pm and nearing the children’s bedtime. It took us another 45 minutes to reach home and by that time I was more ready for bed then they were. Thankfully Matt took over and put them to bed, I’m always so thankful that he’s such a hands on dad.


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