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Why Don’t People Listen?

I took Ally back for her regular ENT check up. Having been there numerous times, we were prepared for a long wait. I have to commend the staff for their good service, knowing that the average waiting time per patient is at least 45 minutes, they bring around snacks and drinks to keep the children occupied.

Ally doesn’t have a regular ENT doctor, she sees whoever is on duty that day. Such is the fate of C class patients. Most of the doctors she has had were really good, patient, cheerful and open to answering all my questions.¬†Yesterday we had a rather young doctor with a pleasant personality. My first question was to ask him why she wasn’t subjected to a hearing test as per norm. He said that she’s already 3 1/2, and should be able to tell me if she couldn’t hear properly. Granted he’s right, but the hearing test is able to tell us her range in hearing. While she might be able to hear us, it might not be as sharp or accurate as it should be. Anyway, her ears had no fluid and he gave her an appointment in four months which included a hearing test so I left it as that. Then I could tell he wanted to end the consult there and then but I had to bring up the issue of her post nasal drip. I explained that she’s been having it quite badly, till I stopped giving her formula and wondered if she had a milk allergy or it was pure coincidence.

This was when the smile began to waver, I could tell he didn’t want to deal with my questions. He just wanted to end the consult as I’m sure he still had about 20 more patients to go. He quickly looked into Ally’s mouth and up her nose, telling me that everything looked fine. I said yes I know, her palate repair looks great but she’s still struggling with lots of secretions from her nose. So he did the usual doctor thing when they can’t give you an answer. He said ” just monitor it and see how it goes, if it’s still bad, let Dr X know.” Dr X is Ally’s plastic surgeon, why a plastic surgeon would be concern about Ally’s ENT issues is beyond me. I knew it was pointless to carry on the consult, he was looking at Ally and I but he was no longer listening. The same look that my kids give me when I ask them to clean up their toys or eat their veggies.

So we left, I wasn’t upset, more annoyed that my concerns about my child’s health was pushed aside. Having said that, it’s not the first time that it has happened and it won’t be the last. I just need to equip myself with more information about her issues so that I can be her best advocate.

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