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Ally decided that she wanted earrings, just like mama and grandma. I told her that it would hurt when the lady pierced her ears so she decided to wait till she turned 5. A week passed and she decided that she was now brave enough for earrings. Once again I explained that it would hurt, but just for a while. I figured its no point lying to her and telling her it doesn’t hurt. She said she could bear with the pain and wanted to have them done.

Before anyone gives me flake about piercing my daughter’s ears. I would like to say that she made the request and both Matt and I agreed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about ear-piercing for young children but please spare me the hate mail.

I asked my mom to get a tube of Emla cream, to try to minimise the pain for Ally. We applied it 1/2 hour before we did her piercing. As we were walking towards the shop, I was getting more nervous. My stomach was in knots and I was praying that she wouldn’t cry. The sales assistants were professional, from the minute I told them our intention, they kept talking to her and distracting her. Once she selected her earrings, they kept talking to her and before we knew it, it was done. Both ears were done at the same time which makes a lot of sense when dealing with young children. Ally’s face turned bright red and I had this moment of ” oh no, she’s going to burst into tears!” but she composed herself and didn’t even shed a tear.

I was really impressed , with the service and even more impressed with Ally’s maturity.  My little girl is growing up!

She chose a pair of pink studs


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