Our Walk Home

Max and I usually have a couple of hours alone while Ally is in school. I enjoy having the uniterrupted time with him and it helps me get to know him better as well.

Today we decided to walk home from the MRT in the swealting heat ( goodness knows what made me decide that) What usually takes less than 10 minutes took us 25 minutes to complete. Max enjoys stopping to look at the buses and trains. He will stop to pick up a stick or a leaf, or he’ll stop just to point something out to you that caught his eye. It’s really quite cute!

Despite the heat we both enjoyed the walk , I was surprised that he actually had the stamina to walk all the way home.


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2 responses to “Our Walk Home

  1. Usually Yvette could but she is so unwillingly to do so. Sometimes I wish Yvette will use her leg to walk more!

  2. Jus

    Max is a good walker then! Too bad our Jude isn’t. I was training him to be, but everytime my MIL comes to visits she carries him all the time, then after that he refuses to walk and I have to start all over again!

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