My Little Mermaid

We haven’t been to the pool for a long time and Ally has been begging us to take her for several weeks. Technically she’s not meant to swim due to the tubes in her ears. But look at that joy on her little face, how can I keep her away?

Picking up dive sticks

Both kids have stopped their swimming lessons for the time being until we settle their schedules. I used to be totally exhausted on Wednesdays, ferrying them to swim class and doing a back to back class for both kids. Now with school in the mix, it’s just a bit too much.

Max enjoyed himself as well!

He's always contented with a bucket and watering can

Ally loves being thrown into the pool

She had a fantastic time with her daddy

If you thought the swimming tired them out, think again. When we got home she still had the energy to take her scooter downstairs.




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3 responses to “My Little Mermaid

  1. I miss ferrying Yvette to swim too. But the current schedule is just too tight for me to proceed.

    Yeah, I am also very surprise how much our kids will never get tired after swimming. Abundent of energy. Many times I thot Yvette will nap after swimming and then again and again she never.

    BTW, where you send your kids for swimming?

  2. Please send me details. Thomson is nearby my house.

    Thanks a lot!

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