Of Lions and Heart Attacks

Ally had her Chinese New Year Celebration in school today. The school had organised a lion dance performance for the children and all the parents were invited as well. I was a bit hesitant to bring Max since I didn’t know if he’ll be scared of the noise but then again I figured they make more noise than a lion dance troupe at home so I’m sure he’ll handle it.

They had all the kids seated at the playground to watch the lion dance. For some strange reason, the lion head that they brought along was purple. I’ve never seen a purple lion in my whole life, and I overhead one child telling her friend that the lion was the same color as Barney. Too cute.

The purple lion aka Barney

Turns out I didn’t have to worry about Max, he took an interest in the lion dance for all of 5 minutes which for his age, is like an eternity. The whole time he kept pointing to the lion and saying ” dog! dog!” I tried telling him it was a lion but he just gave me a confused look. I don’t blame him, it looks nothing like a lion.

Max isn't entirely convinced that the creature in front of him is indeed a lion

As expected some children cried when they started beating the drums. Most of the older children were really excited though. To make matters worse, the lion dance troupe decided to bring the lion up close to the kids. They started with the older children who squealed with delight but when they reached Ally’s class, half of the class had disappeared. It was like a magic trick, one minute we had a mat full of 3 year olds and the next minute, half of them were hiding behind the teacher in tears. If an ugly purple looking thing came right up to me and started batting his eyelids, I would have had a heart attack as well.

The calm before the lion encounter. Don't the kids look so cute in their rabbit hats?

After everyone recovered from their scare, we went back to their classroom for a little party.  Each class had a plate to lou hei. We had 16 children, 16 pairs of chopsticks, one plate of lou hei and one big mess after. I have to say it was really cute watching the kids toss the veggies. Some used their hands, some tried stabbing it and one kid even landed up with carrots on his head.

The kids were given red packets with gold chocolate coins inside and now Ally is convinced that all ang paos contain chocolate. I guess if I was 3, I’ll choose chocolate over money as well.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Year of the Rabbit!


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2 responses to “Of Lions and Heart Attacks

  1. Jus

    Happy new year! Oh dear, I was laughing when I read about the lou hei and Barney… sounded so cute! But I guess the poor teachers had to clear up the mess after that… nice though that they even provided that for the kids!

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