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Fun With Daddy

The kids always have a wild time with Matt. He thinks of the craziest games to play and it always ends up with everyone laughing hysterically.

A seemingly innocent looking cushion

Hides a very cheeky girl

And a little Pork Chop

And here comes Daddy aka the tickle monster!

Ally awaits her faith nervously....

Max is tickled even when he isn't being tickled

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He’s Growing Up

Max is growing up so quickly and is becoming a real boy. Okay I know that sounds stupid because he is obviously a boy, but what I mean is he’s starting to show a real interest in cars, trains and basically anything that he can zoom around.

Nowadays my bag contains at least one of his little cars which I whip out to entertain him whenever necessary. It still amuses me to watch him find any little corner and start zooming his car around. Sometimes he’ll just lie in the middle of the living room, tummy down, and push the car around . This keeps him quietly entertained for a good half an hour which is always welcomed.

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