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Day 2 of the Strider

Well it’s day 2 of the Strider and so far we’ve had one fall. Ally attempted to go down a slope and she just wasn’t prepared for the speed. Anyway, she got over the fall and I’m proud to say that she’s really getting the hang of it. Her confidence is growing and she’s now trying to place her legs on the footrest instead of letting them hang out. At times she’s really pretty good and can coast for quite a distance. The bike is holding up well, she has dropped it, banged it and it still looks new.

Max has decided that it’s more fun watching Ally at the moment instead of trying it out himself. One thing I’ve realised, the handle bars are too wide for him at this point in time. He’s quite small built so the width is a bit hard for him to cope with. It’s the perfect size for Ally, the light weight is an added bonus. Overall I still feel the bike is perfect for kids of a smaller built.  I’ll try to get some videos of Ally on the bike this afternoon.

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