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Review of the Strider Bike

Max’s strider bike arrived this morning, we have had about an hour to test it out so this is my premature review of the bike so far.

Assembly: It came with instructions that I took one look at and decided to ignore. The parts were pretty easy to put together, just simple common sense. I had Matt tighten up the bolts but that’s about it. If i can put it together, most people can.

Optional extras: Since both the kids were going to share the bike, we purchased an extra clamp to help us adjust the seat easily. The extra $7.50 was money well spent, I can’t imagine having to get the spanner out each time a different child wanted to use the bike.

The bike: It’s light which is good for both the kids and I. The color is exactly as what is shown in the pictures. My only complain? The wheels! A full rubber wheel would have given better grip. These plastic wheels are extremely slippery on some surfaces and for a toddler trying to learn how to balance, it’s easy for them to skid. Maybe with more use the tyres will start to have a little more grip, we’ll see.

At the lowest setting, the bike is still slightly high for our little Max. He was a bit hesitant at first when he realised that the bike doesn’t hold itself up. With one of us helping him, he could scoot along pretty well within 5 minutes. It’s a back-breaking job for the person helping him but as his confidence grows (and hopefully his height as well) we won’t need to bend over so much anymore.

After Max, Ally had a turn. I was eager to see how she would take to it. She has tried the wooden versions before and never liked them as she found them extremely heavy. After Matt explained the concept to her, she was off. Within ten minutes she could coast a little on her own. There is an integrated footrest on the bike but Ally prefers to ride her bike like a circus performer. She lets her legs hang all the way out which makes her look like a gangly spider. I’ve no doubt that she’ll get the hang of the bike pretty soon.

So far we’re pretty please with the bike, Max will definitely get a lot more years out of it and it’ll help build Ally’s confidence to ride a 2 wheeler. Now we have to wait to see if the bike holds up under the hands of my two monkeys.

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Sorry No Kids Allowed


I recently read about several restaurants who have decided to implement a “No Kids Policy” . Okay, I know it was out in the papers a while ago but forgive me for being late, I used to joke that I no longer read news, I now read history.

Of course this caused several parents to get their knickers in a twist. ” How dare they turn away families with children! Isn’t the government always asking us to have more kids?! etc etc”

Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like overnight ALL restaurants have said they don’t welcome children. It’s just a handful of restaurants who obviously cater to a different sort of crowd. As a parent, I know that there are some places where children just aren’t welcome. It’s fine with me, if I was out for a romantic dinner with Matt, the last thing I want is some screaming child at the next table. Besides, it’s the restaurant’s right to decide if kids should be allowed.

No matter how well behaved my children are, children are well, children! You can’t expect them to sit still or stay quiet throughout a 3 course meal. The only time Ally is quiet at the dinner table is when she has a mouthful of food.

I have one thing to say to parents who think that the whole world is ending just because they can’t visit a few restaurants with their children. Eat somewhere else!

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