A Quiet Afternoon

The kids and I are usually out and about most afternoons but today I was feeling lazy so we all decided to stay home. Ally wanted to draw so I took out the art supplies and set them loose.

Max is pretty good with markers

Even though Ally’s gross motor skills are quite advanced, she struggles with her finer motor skills. She is still struggling with her tripod grip and holds her pencil in a funny way. To my surprise, she has figured out how to use the scissors properly.

Ally's new haircut!

Max got bored after a while and decided he’ll try to give himself a fake tan.

He started off by coloring the mosquito bite on his thigh

Thank goodness for washable markers! Once he was done coloring himself, he decided the floor needed to be colored as well. Luckily I stopped him before he could make a big mess.

Since Ally had her picnic blanket out, we decided to have a picnic dinner. Okay, the truth is I was too lazy to cook so I decided to order pizza for everyone. To make it seem more exciting, I told the kids we’ll have a pizza picnic. Ally loved the idea, Max just wanted to walk everywhere with his plate of pizza. I didn’t manage to take any pictures of our picnic because I was too busy trying to prevent Max from smearing pizza everywhere and trying to feed myself at the same time.

Since the kids were fed and contented, what else could they do but squabble. They fought over a ball, they fought over another toy then they decided to spin themselves round and round to see who would fall over first.

Despite their fights, they always kiss and make up in the end

It’s going to be an unusually quiet weekend for us as well. With the flu epidemic, I’m trying to keep the children away from crowded places. Besides, Max’s bike is being delivered tomorrow and I he can’t wait to try it out.

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