A Hairy Affair

I decided to take Max to get his hair cut since he was starting to look like an extra from ” Planet of the Apes” . To my surprise, Ally asked to get her hair cut as well, or as she put it ” I want my hair just like Max’s!” We compromised on a short bob instead.

Max usually gets his hair cut at United Square, the lady at Junior League is fast and pretty good. It’s definitely expensive at $22 a cut but the TV keeps him entertained so I have no complains.

This time round he actually sat in the chair all on his own. I was sure that he was going to protest but luckily we had Thomas to distract him. I sat next to him and he held onto my hand the entire time.

He didn’t quite like the shaver but managed to remain quite still for the lady to finish. I was really proud of him!

Next up was Ally who said to me “Mama, I don’t need you to sit with me, you can go and play with Max” She acted so grown up, first she chose her DVD, then she explained to the lady what sort of hairstyle she wanted.

I miss her long hair

I was a bit hesitant to let her cut her hair, it’s taken 3 years for it to grow past her shoulder! But she was certain she wanted it short. And actually her new hairstyle is really growing onto me, she looks a lot neater , most importantly, SHE loves it. Unfortunately I don’t have a good after shot of Ally with her short hair, will try to take one tomorrow.

A much neater looking Max, the cut looks much better today since it has had time to settle

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