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A Surprise For Max

Ever since Max’s prison break attempt, we decided that he is probably ready to learn to ride a bike. Now the problem with having vertically challenged kids is finding the right size bike for them.We had the same problem when Ally was about his age as well, in the end she had to make do with her plastic trike but even that is too big for Max at the moment.

After much research, I decided to buy him a Strider Bike. It’s height adjustable which hopefully means he’ll get a few years use out of it. It could also mean jack all if he decides he doesn’t actually like the bike. It’s supposedly light which would make it easier for him to handle or it would mean it just easier for him to pick it up and hit someone with.

I’ll do a review of the bike once it’s been delivered and the kids have had a chance to try it out so stay tune!



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