Special Memories

My cousin is a photography buff and even has a mini studio in his home. We had a very impromptu photo shoot at his place where the entire family had gathered for his home warming party.

My brother and grandfather, in my personal opinion, two of the few good men around

This photo is very special to me, my brother is not only my best friend but has one of the kindest hearts you can ever find. He’s very similar to my grandfather, both are quiet individuals who prefer to blend into the background than be the life of the party.

3 generations in 1 photo

I look terrible in the photo, like a poster child for hangovers. Anyway I still like this photo cos it’s the only one we have of our entire family with my grandfather. Ally and Max are his only great grandchildren and he always lights up when they are around.

Now for the kids…..

An extremely happy Ally

The kids were in fantastic moods that afternoon

Still happy!

My Little Man

Nothing beats spending time with the family, have a great weekend!


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  1. its always nice to see family photos…very heartwarming. Nice shots too!

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