Ally’s 2nd Week at School

I am very happy to say that Ally is starting to settle in at school. She is eager to go and is always full of smiles when we pick her up. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of her at school cos I try not to hang around once I drop her off.

Based on the email from her teacher, she participates eagerly in class and loves music time. The teachers have been so patient with her and I’m very please with the way they have helped her adapt. She brings her favourite peguin to school to give her a bit of security and he is now accepted as an extra member of the class. Over time I will do my part to try and wean her off her penguin and I’m sure I’ll be able to persuade her to leave him in her school bag. Right now we’re working on keeping him in her pocket and only taking him out whenever she needs him.

On the academic side, they haven’t been doing much these pass two weeks since their main aim is to help the children feel comfortable with the school environment. But after only 3 Mandarin lessons, she is starting to show an interest in the language and is able to sing a couple of songs. On my part I really need to make a better effort to speak to her more often in Mandarin.

I appreciate the school’s open and honest communication with the parents which I feel helps ease a lot of the parent’s anxiety as well. Each time I’ve gone to her school, I’ve never heard teachers shouting or raising their voices. It’s a very calm environment which is one of the reasons why i think she settled in so quickly. I was bracing myself for a month of tears before she settled in so I’m very relieved that it didn’t take that long.


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  1. It’s nice she settle in nicely. Chloe brings her duck blankie to school everyday too!

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