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Prison Break

I put Max down for his afternoon nap today and as usual he fussed a little and cried. Soon the crying stopped and then I heard ” Mama? Mama!” I ignored his shouts cos I knew if no one responded he would soon go to sleep. While I was walking past his room, Matt and I suddenly heard a bang. We opened the room door and there was Max, standing behind the door, happy as a lark. The cheeky boy had somehow managed to climb OUT of his crib. We figured he must have climbed onto Ally’s bed and lowered himself to the ground.

The two of us stood there and looked at each other, stunned. In actual fact we shouldn’t have been as shock as we were cos he has always been a climber. Despite his short stature, he has managed to get to places one would have thought impossible.

Well meaning friends have suggested that it’s time to put him in a toddler bed. Now, his crib doesn’t convert and I have no plans in moving him to a bed as yet. Like I said, he’s a climber. Without being enclosed in his crib, there is no way the two children will ever get to sleep. Max will be climbing all over trying to play with Ally and bedtimes will be a total nightmare. I had actually already researched possible solutions since I saw him climb out of the pack and play at grandma’s a few weeks ago. So I placed an order for a crib tent. I have no idea if it will actually work, but I sure hope so!


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