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Monkey Business

The children can never be house bound for long, they soon get restless and start to drive each other, and me, crazy.

Like all kids they make up their own games which only they seem to understand. Ally usually sings and dances to entertain herself while Max tries to see how much mischief he can get away with before I notice.

Ally doing one of her dances

Today they decided to throw all the pillows off the sofa and use it as a big trampoline. They know that jumping on the sofa is FORBIDDEN so they were trying to do it as discreetly as possible while I was in the kitchen preparing lunch. The problem was, the minute they get too quiet, I always know trouble is around the corner. When I peeped out of the kitchen, Max saw me and immediately pretended to lie down and “sleep”. Ally saw him and realised that I was looking so she quickly sat down and gave me a sheepish grin. I wanted to laugh but I just reminded them not to jump on the sofa anymore.

Later, Max found Ally’s bicycle helmet and decided he wanted to wear it as well. One of the problems with Max’s big head is that it seems to unbalance him. He trips over at least once a day and it’s a good day if we get by with 3 falls.

His head is as big as hers even though he's 2 years younger

When you throw Matt into the mix, you have three insane out of control kids. He makes them laugh, giggle and scream to the point of being hysterical. Their favourite game is to chase each other around the house and when one is caught, it results in lots of tickles. I’m sure my neighbours downstairs must think I keep a herd of elephants in the house.

I shall leave you with a picture of Ally’s best impression of a monkey. Have a good weekend!


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