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Day 2 at Pre -K

Matt and I were prepared for a tougher second day, now that Ally knew school was a daily affair and I would be leaving her everyday. To our surprise, she cried for less than a minute when I had to leave. She whipped out her security penguin, gave him a good cuddle and then stopped crying. Max and I waved goodbye to her and walked out.

As it turned out, Max was the one who really missed her. Once we left the school, he kept calling out for Ally and signing “where?” to me. Each time he saw a little girl, he would shout “Ally!” I felt really sorry for him.

Needless to say she was all smiles when we went to pick her up, Max was so happy to have his playmate back home as well. He kept hanging around her the whole day till she got a bit annoyed.



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