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You Forgot My Milo!

Been busy dealing with sick children and at the same time, trying to recover from a bad throat infection. Ally came down with the flu and I happily thought Max and I were spared. Who knew that I would actually need antibiotics and now poor Max seems to have a bad throat as well. He hasn’t eaten in two days but luckily he’s drinking his milk.

This evening, we were on our way home in the car when Ally asked if she could have some Milo when we got home. I wasn’t paying much attention and said yes. I had a lot of things on my mind, work mostly so when we got home I just wanted to quickly settle the kids and get them ready for bed.

I read Ally her story, brushed their teeth…etc and kissed them good night. Was so happy to finally have some time to do my work so I sat down at the computer and started working. After ten minutes I heard crying coming from their bedroom. I walked in and Ally was sitting up in her bed. I asked her what’s wrong and through her tears she whimpered ” You forgot my Milo Mama”

I felt terrible! So I quickly carried her to the kitchen and gave her a few sips of Milo. Once she was done she said ” now I can go to sleep, silly Mama forgot my Milo”

Matt and I have always said that if we made a promise to the kids, we have to keep that promise. I did tell her that she could have Milo so even though she had already brushed her teeth, I had to stick to that promise. It’s about trust, she knows that we don’t make promises we can’t keep and at the same time, she learns the importance of keeping to a promise that she has made. Next time I promise I won’t forget her Milo.

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The Breast Things In Life Are Free

Before Ally was born, I made the commitment to give breastfeeding a try. As it turned out, her cleft prevented her from being breastfed.  In the end I fed her breastmilk from a bottle till she was about 21 months. With her various medical issues, I felt it was the least I could do to help her.

When Max was born, he didn’t take to nursing straight away. I remember the first week of excruciating pain as my body got used to his nursing. I rang my doula in tears, thinking that there was something seriously wrong. How could something so natural seem so difficult!? I still recall her calmly telling me that it gets a lot easier as the baby grows older.

Turns out she was absolutely right, by the first month I started to get the hang of it. I set myself small goals, first was to be able to nurse him for 6 months. Once we reached 6 months, I told myself, let’s see if we can make it to 1 year. And here we are now, 18 months and still going.

Now that he’s older, I treasure our nursing sessions together, he’s such a busy toddler, always on the go that it’s one of the few times he’s actually sitting still and letting me cuddle him. Not only that, I’ve found that his immunity is a lot stronger. In the last week, he has been nursing every 2-3 hours and not eating much solids. Initially I thought he was teething, but then yesterday Ally came down with the stomach flu. Max seems to be hanging on and I hope he’ll stay well. I’ve noticed a common pattern whenever he feels slightly under the weather, he’ll stop eating solid food and all he wants is milk. It’s comforting to know that I can provide him with the antibodies and nourishment that he needs.

Besides the boosted immunity, Max is very good at regulating his food intake. I’ve always followed his cues and never forced him to finish his food. You can’t force a breastfed baby to nurse, when they’re full , they tell you. That’s the beauty about it. It prevents them from overeating and hopefully this good habit stays with them as they grow up as well.

I understand and respect why some moms choose to give their babies formula but for us, breast was just best.

The cheeky boy and his daddy


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Back to Marina Square

Ally requested to watch the Hi-5 show again, she had also drawn a card for Lauren which meant that we had to queue early in order to receive photo passes. I can’t believe that we queued from 2pm for the 4pm show. In order to make the wait more bearable, I came armed.

In a seperate bag, I packed :

Crayons and Paper

2 small tubs of playdoh

small boxes of rasins

small packets of Milo

Dry cereal

and the ultimate lifesaver, a portable DVD player!

I know it seems like a lot but asking two toddlers to stay in a confined area for 2 hours is tough. Even with all my supplies, Max was starting to get grouchy towards the end.

The wait was well worth it when I saw the joy on Ally’s face. She danced and sang throughout their performance with great gusto. Later she handed her card to Lauren who thanked her and carried her for the photo. I had a very excited and happy girl which made all that waiting worth it.

If you want to catch Hi 5 Live, go down to Marina Square before this Sunday 12th December. Shows are at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm. Meet and greet passes are given out for the first 50 families only.


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A trip to Orchard Road- as told by Max

What do you do when your parents decide to drag you down to Orchard Road and battle the crowds just to look at the Christmas lights? You pretend to be excited and enthusiastic only because you know they want you to be.


You point and pretend you know what your mom is talking about


Which makes them very happy cos they think you’re as excited as they are. Ally was thrilled to be there, but I guess she understands this whole ” Christmas” business better than I do. Not only that, she could walk about freely, I wanted to walk to, but I kept being knocked over by people or their bags. The crowds didn’t seem to have much patience for a boy who just wanted to stop and observe every crack in the street, I don’t blame them, I don’t have patience for people who are rushing about like headless chickens as well.

After mama pointed out the lights about 3 times, I started to get bored. The lights all looked the same to me!

Finally we walked into the shopping centre for some cool air, but you couldn’t escape the lights, they were EVERYWHERE.


I can't take it anymore! Too many people! Too many lights!


Then the adults decided that they wanted to walk around and look at the shops. By this time I’ve just about had it. It was way past my bedtime, my legs were tired and I had a headache from all the noise.


So I sat down in the middle of the shopping centre for a rest, my mom didn't think it was such a good idea, I beg to differ.

By the time we got back to the car, I started to cry, I was just SO tired. Mama told me to just close my eyes and sleep. Easy for her to say, my head was still spinning from all the noise and people. Eventually I must have fallen asleep cos the next thing I knew, I was in my crib. The next time Mama mentions a trip to Orchard Road, I might just pretend to be sick.


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Ho Ho Ho!

It’s only early December but we’ve already attended two christmas parties. One was organised by Ally’s gym, the children got to showcase their skills and play some games. To end it off, they had a visit from Santa!

Ally doing a forward roll

Santa obviously went on a diet


After Ally’s party at the gym, we headed to another christmas party with Max’s friends. Our ever gracious host had really lovely Christmas decor.


The beautiful table

Gifts for the kids and adults

Santa's little helper


Good food, great company and tons of laughs, it doesn’t get any better than that.


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Hi-5 Show at Marina Square

Ally is a huge Hi-5 fan, we love to sing along to the songs together and it’s one of the few shows that I don’t mind sitting down and watching with her. Our favourite is still the original Hi-5 cast but I must say the new cast has won me over after their show at Marina Square.

We were invited to a special show for the children of the Cleft Centre. The kids were really lucky cos it was their first show for the Christmas Season. We didn’t have to queue and had great seats in the front.

The show was at 1pm which unfortunately wasn’t a very good time for the kids. Both have had very short naps and it was the pure excitement of watching Hi-5 live that kept Ally going. Max was starting to get grumpy so thankfully I had some snacks with me to keep him occupied.

When the cast came on stage, the kids went CRAZY!

Left to Right: Lauren, Fely, Stevie, Tim and Casey

The show was short, with lots of songs and dancing. They did a great job at encouraging the children to sing along and dance. The best part for Ally was meeting them and having her picture taken right after the show.

Usually they limit the picture taking to the first 50 shoppers who spent a minimum amount at Marina Square but since it was a private event for the kids, ALL of them had the chance to get their pictures taken. I know the cast are obviously paid extremely well to stage 3 shows a day for two weeks, but their patience with the kids was really commendable. It was stuffy in the shopping centre and there must have been over a hundred kids waiting to get their pictures taken. Hi-5 was all smiles the entire time and took the time to greet each child that went up to them. They were genuinely happy to see the children and were especially sweet to the kids from the Rainbow Centre.

When it was our turn, I was alone with Max and Ally. I helped Max onto the stage and off he went, running into the arms of Stevie. Ally was a bit more shy and wanted me to carry her. I took her up to Lauren who is her favourite member and immediately Lauren took her from me and carried her for the photo. Max was now being carried by Casey so poor mommy sat alone in the front with Fely. Once the photo was taken, Stevie very kindly helped walk little Max off the stage even though I offered to carry him.

Ally’s Hi-5 picture is now sitting on her bedside table and she says no one is allowed to touch it. I kept reminding her how lucky she was to be invited to the event, she has asked to go back and watch the show again so I might take her back before they finish their run in December.

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Back From KL!

I’m so happy to be home! Even though I was only gone for 2 days, I missed the children terribly. It was my first, and hopefully last time leaving them behind.

Work wise it was a very informative trip, I’m glad I had a chance to meet my regional colleagues and touch base. It was nice to finally put a face to a name.

Being away has made me appreciate how clean Singapore really is. KL seemed very gloomy and dark, maybe it’s because I was missing the kids so much I wasn’t in the right state of mind to appreciate what was around me.

I have to admit, having uninterrupted meal times were nice, being able to hold adult conversations without children interrupting was a good change. But sitting alone in my hotel room at night was extremely depressing. I kept thinking of Matt and the kids, wondering if they were in bed, what they were doing. The room felt far too quiet so I left the Discovery Channel on the whole night to keep me company.

The minute my last training session was over, I counted down the hours to my flight. Once my plane touched down at Changi, I got off the plane as quickly as I could without running over the nice aunties that were in front of me. I can’t describe the feeling of seeing the children once again, it just felt, RIGHT. Ally as usual, cracked me up. I had borrowed her little trolley bag since I was only gone for a short trip. When she saw me using her bag she said ” Mama, did you ask my permission before borrowing my bag?” When I said No, she told me ” Next time you have to ask first before you take other people’s things ok?”


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