Christmas and A Boat Ride

We managed to get free tickets to the Singapore Flyer and the River Cruise. We didn’t take any pictures at the Flyer mainly because it was too dark. It was our first time on the River Cruise and despite the light rain, it was a very enjoyable ride.

Max doing a Michael Jackson inspired pose

The kids enjoying the light drizzle

Admiring the view

Daddy's little girl

Getting sleepy......

Admiring the city scape

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our place this year, just a simple fare with our immediate family. The kids were so excited to have everyone over at their house.

Ally enjoying her roast dinner

Our family tree which has been abused daily by Max and a plastic tennis racket

Opening presents on Christmas morning

Max checking out Ally's gift

Our fairy princess

All dressed up to celebrate Christmas with the family

Max looking very grown up in his new shirt

Hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as ours, can’t believe the year is nearly over!

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