Back To Universal Studios

The last time we visited USS, I went with the kids since Matt was at work. Ally was also running a 40 degree fever so she couldn’t really enjoy herself. We planned another trip to USS, this time with Matt and my mom, I booked the tickets two weeks in advance and we only told Ally on the day itself. She was so excited she could not stop jumping around the house.

It was a BIG mistake to go to the park during the school holidays. I knew it would be crowded since we tried to buy an additional ticket at the last minute and all the tickets were sold out. But I didn’t expect HOW crowded it could get. The average wait for each ride was an hour, with two toddlers, it was impossible to make them wait that long. I decided to buy the express pass which allowed us to bypass the massive queues. We all had a fun time despite the crowd and the weather was perfect, gloomy with moments of slight drizzle.

A very happy Ally

I love the castle in Far Far Away, makes me think of the fairy tales I used to love to read as a child

Matt enjoyed himself as much as the children

Max was really good at waiting for Ally to go on the rides

Ally like the penguins..... from afar. She stayed a good 5 feet away from all the mascots

Ally loved the water area

Max wasn't too keen

He was happy as long as he stood away from the water jets

Grandma was a great sport and went on most the rides

Quick snack break

Between the 3 adults, we managed to go on the roller costers a few times

Ally surprised us by agreeing to go on the Junior Coster, it’s a pretty fast ride and I was very worried she’ll burst into tears. She was scared but didn’t cry, after we left the ride she said ” Mama, it was too fast, I didn’t like it.”

We stayed till closing time and by then Max was exhausted, Ally was close to a meltdown so it was definitely time to go home. I had packed drinks and snacks for the kids and my mom made a couple of sandwiches. By Just by doing that, we managed to save quite a bit on meals which is quite useful since food isn’t cheap in the park.

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  1. lamagier

    I love Max’s almost sheepish grin in the water play photo. Really adorable!

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