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You Forgot My Milo!

Been busy dealing with sick children and at the same time, trying to recover from a bad throat infection. Ally came down with the flu and I happily thought Max and I were spared. Who knew that I would actually need antibiotics and now poor Max seems to have a bad throat as well. He hasn’t eaten in two days but luckily he’s drinking his milk.

This evening, we were on our way home in the car when Ally asked if she could have some Milo when we got home. I wasn’t paying much attention and said yes. I had a lot of things on my mind, work mostly so when we got home I just wanted to quickly settle the kids and get them ready for bed.

I read Ally her story, brushed their teeth…etc and kissed them good night. Was so happy to finally have some time to do my work so I sat down at the computer and started working. After ten minutes I heard crying coming from their bedroom. I walked in and Ally was sitting up in her bed. I asked her what’s wrong and through her tears she whimpered ” You forgot my Milo Mama”

I felt terrible! So I quickly carried her to the kitchen and gave her a few sips of Milo. Once she was done she said ” now I can go to sleep, silly Mama forgot my Milo”

Matt and I have always said that if we made a promise to the kids, we have to keep that promise. I did tell her that she could have Milo so even though she had already brushed her teeth, I had to stick to that promise. It’s about trust, she knows that we don’t make promises we can’t keep and at the same time, she learns the importance of keeping to a promise that she has made. Next time I promise I won’t forget her Milo.

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