Back to Marina Square

Ally requested to watch the Hi-5 show again, she had also drawn a card for Lauren which meant that we had to queue early in order to receive photo passes. I can’t believe that we queued from 2pm for the 4pm show. In order to make the wait more bearable, I came armed.

In a seperate bag, I packed :

Crayons and Paper

2 small tubs of playdoh

small boxes of rasins

small packets of Milo

Dry cereal

and the ultimate lifesaver, a portable DVD player!

I know it seems like a lot but asking two toddlers to stay in a confined area for 2 hours is tough. Even with all my supplies, Max was starting to get grouchy towards the end.

The wait was well worth it when I saw the joy on Ally’s face. She danced and sang throughout their performance with great gusto. Later she handed her card to Lauren who thanked her and carried her for the photo. I had a very excited and happy girl which made all that waiting worth it.

If you want to catch Hi 5 Live, go down to Marina Square before this Sunday 12th December. Shows are at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm. Meet and greet passes are given out for the first 50 families only.



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