Back From KL!

I’m so happy to be home! Even though I was only gone for 2 days, I missed the children terribly. It was my first, and hopefully last time leaving them behind.

Work wise it was a very informative trip, I’m glad I had a chance to meet my regional colleagues and touch base. It was nice to finally put a face to a name.

Being away has made me appreciate how clean Singapore really is. KL seemed very gloomy and dark, maybe it’s because I was missing the kids so much I wasn’t in the right state of mind to appreciate what was around me.

I have to admit, having uninterrupted meal times were nice, being able to hold adult conversations without children interrupting was a good change. But sitting alone in my hotel room at night was extremely depressing. I kept thinking of Matt and the kids, wondering if they were in bed, what they were doing. The room felt far too quiet so I left the Discovery Channel on the whole night to keep me company.

The minute my last training session was over, I counted down the hours to my flight. Once my plane touched down at Changi, I got off the plane as quickly as I could without running over the nice aunties that were in front of me. I can’t describe the feeling of seeing the children once again, it just felt, RIGHT. Ally as usual, cracked me up. I had borrowed her little trolley bag since I was only gone for a short trip. When she saw me using her bag she said ” Mama, did you ask my permission before borrowing my bag?” When I said No, she told me ” Next time you have to ask first before you take other people’s things ok?”



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