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Hi-5 Show at Marina Square

Ally is a huge Hi-5 fan, we love to sing along to the songs together and it’s one of the few shows that I don’t mind sitting down and watching with her. Our favourite is still the original Hi-5 cast but I must say the new cast has won me over after their show at Marina Square.

We were invited to a special show for the children of the Cleft Centre. The kids were really lucky cos it was their first show for the Christmas Season. We didn’t have to queue and had great seats in the front.

The show was at 1pm which unfortunately wasn’t a very good time for the kids. Both have had very short naps and it was the pure excitement of watching Hi-5 live that kept Ally going. Max was starting to get grumpy so thankfully I had some snacks with me to keep him occupied.

When the cast came on stage, the kids went CRAZY!

Left to Right: Lauren, Fely, Stevie, Tim and Casey

The show was short, with lots of songs and dancing. They did a great job at encouraging the children to sing along and dance. The best part for Ally was meeting them and having her picture taken right after the show.

Usually they limit the picture taking to the first 50 shoppers who spent a minimum amount at Marina Square but since it was a private event for the kids, ALL of them had the chance to get their pictures taken. I know the cast are obviously paid extremely well to stage 3 shows a day for two weeks, but their patience with the kids was really commendable. It was stuffy in the shopping centre and there must have been over a hundred kids waiting to get their pictures taken. Hi-5 was all smiles the entire time and took the time to greet each child that went up to them. They were genuinely happy to see the children and were especially sweet to the kids from the Rainbow Centre.

When it was our turn, I was alone with Max and Ally. I helped Max onto the stage and off he went, running into the arms of Stevie. Ally was a bit more shy and wanted me to carry her. I took her up to Lauren who is her favourite member and immediately Lauren took her from me and carried her for the photo. Max was now being carried by Casey so poor mommy sat alone in the front with Fely. Once the photo was taken, Stevie very kindly helped walk little Max off the stage even though I offered to carry him.

Ally’s Hi-5 picture is now sitting on her bedside table and she says no one is allowed to touch it. I kept reminding her how lucky she was to be invited to the event, she has asked to go back and watch the show again so I might take her back before they finish their run in December.

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Back From KL!

I’m so happy to be home! Even though I was only gone for 2 days, I missed the children terribly. It was my first, and hopefully last time leaving them behind.

Work wise it was a very informative trip, I’m glad I had a chance to meet my regional colleagues and touch base. It was nice to finally put a face to a name.

Being away has made me appreciate how clean Singapore really is. KL seemed very gloomy and dark, maybe it’s because I was missing the kids so much I wasn’t in the right state of mind to appreciate what was around me.

I have to admit, having uninterrupted meal times were nice, being able to hold adult conversations without children interrupting was a good change. But sitting alone in my hotel room at night was extremely depressing. I kept thinking of Matt and the kids, wondering if they were in bed, what they were doing. The room felt far too quiet so I left the Discovery Channel on the whole night to keep me company.

The minute my last training session was over, I counted down the hours to my flight. Once my plane touched down at Changi, I got off the plane as quickly as I could without running over the nice aunties that were in front of me. I can’t describe the feeling of seeing the children once again, it just felt, RIGHT. Ally as usual, cracked me up. I had borrowed her little trolley bag since I was only gone for a short trip. When she saw me using her bag she said ” Mama, did you ask my permission before borrowing my bag?” When I said No, she told me ” Next time you have to ask first before you take other people’s things ok?”


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