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Kids At Home

Just a few photos which show what the monkeys have been getting up to at home.

Those shorts were sewn by yours truly!

Getting up to mischief, trying to stick the recorder in the fan

One of their favourite toys, the battery operated car

Max's diet consist of porridge and the occasional golf club

His exercise regime consist of pushing the car around the house

Ally has recently taken to coloring and tracing

Her look of concentration


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The Unending ENT Story

I’ve talked about Ally’s ENT problems before and we’re still going round in circles trying to find the cause of her Post Nasal Drip. I’ve pinpointed it to allergies and I’m hoping that we can control it with her sinus rinse and a nightly dose of antihistamines. Her ENT doctor suggested medicating her a long time ago but I’ve been reluctant to medicate her on a daily basis. For now it looks like we don’t really have a choice, I’ve started her on the medication and it’s been a week. I can’t say the smell is 100% gone, some days its significantly better, other days it seems to make no difference.

Dragging her to different doctors has been costly and left me with my head spinning. We’re going to give it two weeks and see how the antihistamines work out. If they don’t, its back to the square one again.

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Nurturing Kids Who Love To Learn

I’ve been reading about a fellow mom who has taught her older son to read. At age 3, the boy can now read over 800 words independently, that’s quite amazing! I take my hat off to her, for her dedication, discipline and patience in teaching her sons and at the same time I ask myself, would I do the same for my kids?

As a stay at home mom, I seem to have the luxury of time but for others who are in a similar situation to mine, you will know that’s not true. I truly believe that even though some toddlers seem to have a head start, most of the kids even out by the time they are 6.

Instead of wanting my children to read at an early age, I try to cultivate a love for learning. If they love to learn, they will carry this with them throughout their lives. I often wander if children who are pushed too hard early on, burn out earlier as well.

I have to admit, its hard not to be caught up in all this. Sometimes I ask myself, is Ally really lagging behind? But then my dear husband who is always the voice of reason gives me a reality check and all is good again.

Despite Ally’s endless questions which can get annoying, I know she’s asking cos she really wants to know and by answering her, she’s learning as well. I learn along with her, sometimes she asks me things that I don’t have the answers to and I have to go and check it out for her.

I hope to “protect” the children from the rat race that our local education system is famous for. But realistically, I know that they will be caught up in it anyway since they will be attending local schools. I went through it and like to think that I came out alright so I hope the same for my kids.




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Dressing Up

Since the kids were sick, they had to miss out on A’s Halloween Party.  But I did prepare a costume for Max, check it out.

I think he’s the cutest Tamago sushi I’ve ever seen! It was hard trying to find a costume that he would happily agree to wear. This cost nothing since we used his yellow blanket and a scrap of black material. Ally recycled her bird costume from Kindermusik , at least I didn’t have to come up with two costumes!


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