Weekend Wanderings

It was one of the rare weekends that Matt didn’t have to work. The kids and I were thrilled to have him around, Ally wanted to go to the airport (again!) and Max was more than happy to tag along.

Max was captivated by his Cookie Monster shoes, he kept stopping, looking down and pointing at them

Dinner at our favourite restaurant

Max managed to drop his spoon on the floor within ten minutes of being seated

Girl power!

We woke up to sunny skies the next day and decided to make the most of it by taking the kids to the beach. It was Max’s second trip and he enjoyed himself more this time around. Ally was so excited and couldn’t stop running, jumping and talking.

It was scorching hot but the children didn't seem to mind

Max wasn't quite sure of the waves

Ally entertained herself by building sand castles and squashing them

Max managed to get sand everywhere, all over his head and even around his ears

The kids were wiped out after the morning at the beach, Max fell asleep before we even drove out of Sentosa. Hope you guys had a great weekend as well!

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