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Our Post Nasal Drip Saga….. Continued

I mentioned a while back about the foul odour that was coming from Ally’s nose? What I had initially thought was bad breath turned out to be Post Nasal Drip and I couldn’t find the cause of it. We knew she has allergies and I tried eliminating the allergens but the smell persisted. Then I started her on antihistamines and the smell was still there. But I’m happy to say that we finally have some answers!

It all started the day she had severe stomach spasms in the afternoon, that night I told her not to drink any milk before bed since it might upset her tummy again. The next morning I realised that the odour wasn’t as strong. Thinking it was a fluke, I just left it. The next night I eliminated her night milk once again and sure enough, the smell wasn’t there the next day. It has been nearly a week now and I can safely say that the milk or more specifically, the milk protein was causing the excessive mucus build up.  It never struck me that she might be allergic to the milk protein since she tested negative for milk allergies. But I remember her gastro doctor telling me that they show a negative result and still be allergic to the protein that is in the milk.

I’m over the moon that we have finally found the cause of her PND. It has been months of guessing and searching for answers. We still continue her daily sinus rinsing as that really seems to help her breathe better but I might slowly wean her off the antihistamines and see if that makes a difference.




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