Take A Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes

I was watching a program on Discovery Health and Home about children needing surgery for different medical reasons. Before I became a mom, I wouldn’t have paid much attention to the program. After I became a mom, my heart went out to the parents on the show but after having Ally, I can honestly say I know how those parents feel.

Ally was eight months old when she had her first surgery. We knew from the day that she was born that surgery was inevitable. We were so fortunate to have fantastic medical staff that helped eased our worries and concerns. I was told what to expect but nothing prepared me for the wave of emotions that hit me the moment I had to leave her on the operating table. As I carried her in her way too big operating gown down the hall, my heart was beating so quickly and loudly. I had to stay calm for her sake but the tears started to flow when the nurse gently guided me out of the operating theater.

The wait was angonising but watching your child struggle with the effects of GA post-op is just as distressing. They are confused, thirsty and in pain, I remember how swollen her little face was, how she cried from the pain. But Ally is a tough nut, she was eating and drinking the next morning and we were able to go home the next afternoon.

She had a second surgery this year, another minor one thank goodness. This time round my emotions were better controlled, I was definitely more relaxed and Ally sailed through it once again.

There are days when I complain about how ill behaved the children have been, or how they’re managed to turn the house upside down. But the truth is, I’m so blessed to have healthy children who are able to enjoy their lives to the fullest. A stay in any pediatric ward is always a humbling experience and a good reality check to always be grateful for good health.

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