Photos Galore

A friend had rented a studio and asked a couple of families along for an afternoon of fun. I think we had 7 kids under the age of 2 , plus Ally and another little girl. You can imagine the noise and chaos! I have to say the young kids really weren’t that bad, all things considered.

Max says " It's tough being a model"

Ally surprised me by being so at ease in front of the camera, usually she's quite shy

Ally gets a leg up from her friend

While Max does his imitation of a bat

Not sure what the kids were up to

Ally is growing up so quickly!

She's really blossoming into a sweet little girl

Squashed Pork Chop

The kids had fun at the shoot and so did I, it was great catching up with everyone. A huge thank you to the ever patient photographers.


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3 responses to “Photos Galore

  1. This is awesome!

    Ally look so pretty with that dress you sewed for her.

  2. Thanks! I’m still trying to improve my sewing, so much more to learn

  3. Jus

    Nice shots! And yes, she really looks so sweet in the dress and the twirly skirt! 🙂

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