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Photos Galore

A friend had rented a studio and asked a couple of families along for an afternoon of fun. I think we had 7 kids under the age of 2 , plus Ally and another little girl. You can imagine the noise and chaos! I have to say the young kids really weren’t that bad, all things considered.

Max says " It's tough being a model"

Ally surprised me by being so at ease in front of the camera, usually she's quite shy

Ally gets a leg up from her friend

While Max does his imitation of a bat

Not sure what the kids were up to

Ally is growing up so quickly!

She's really blossoming into a sweet little girl

Squashed Pork Chop

The kids had fun at the shoot and so did I, it was great catching up with everyone. A huge thank you to the ever patient photographers.


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