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Who Knew…….

Last night was horrible , just plain horrible. Max woke up and cried for over an hour, going in to check on him seemed to make him more upset. When he finally woke up this morning, he hugged me so tightly that it broke my heart.

Anyway, he woke up about an hour ago and as usual I left him for 5 minutes to see if he would settle himself back to sleep. When he started to cry harder , I walked into his room. Usually I don’t talk to him since all the books I’ve read say not to. I decided to try something different, I put him back down in his crib and said to him ” Max go and sleep.” Instantly he turned onto his tummy ( his favourite sleeping position) and settled. I walked out of the room and sure enough he started to cry. So I opened his room door again and without walking to him, I just repeated ” go and sleep’. The next thing I knew, he was asleep! I’m thrilled and I hope it continues to work!

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