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Why Doesn’t He Sleep?

Max used to be a good sleeper, at 3 months, he could do 5 hour stretches at night which I thought was fantastic. Then he went through a period of waking up a couple of times at night, after that, we had 2 good weeks of him sleeping through. Recently, he has started his night wakings again.


The strange thing is, Max is perfectly capable of sleeping through the night as long as I’m not around. When he stays over at Grandma’s, he sleeps right through! For the next few days we’re going to try and help him learn to go back to sleep on his own.  I usually leave him for 5 minutes before I go and check on him, then another 5 mins and so on. After sticking to this routine for a few days, he stopped waking up for about 2 weeks till he started teething again!

His cuteness almost makes you forget how sleep deprived you are, ALMOST

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