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Nurturing Kids Who Love To Learn

I’ve been reading about a fellow mom who has taught her older son to read. At age 3, the boy can now read over 800 words independently, that’s quite amazing! I take my hat off to her, for her dedication, discipline and patience in teaching her sons and at the same time I ask myself, would I do the same for my kids?

As a stay at home mom, I seem to have the luxury of time but for others who are in a similar situation to mine, you will know that’s not true. I truly believe that even though some toddlers seem to have a head start, most of the kids even out by the time they are 6.

Instead of wanting my children to read at an early age, I try to cultivate a love for learning. If they love to learn, they will carry this with them throughout their lives. I often wander if children who are pushed too hard early on, burn out earlier as well.

I have to admit, its hard not to be caught up in all this. Sometimes I ask myself, is Ally really lagging behind? But then my dear husband who is always the voice of reason gives me a reality check and all is good again.

Despite Ally’s endless questions which can get annoying, I know she’s asking cos she really wants to know and by answering her, she’s learning as well. I learn along with her, sometimes she asks me things that I don’t have the answers to and I have to go and check it out for her.

I hope to “protect” the children from the rat race that our local education system is famous for. But realistically, I know that they will be caught up in it anyway since they will be attending local schools. I went through it and like to think that I came out alright so I hope the same for my kids.




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