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Cake and Ice Cream

The children rarely eat cake or ice cream but since we were at a birthday party I decided to let them have a treat. Max really enjoyed the chocolate cake while Ally ate the chocolate top off her ice cream and decided she didn’t like the rest of it. * sorry for the poor photo editing


Max was the youngest at the party, but it didn't stop him from having fun



The Pork Chop attacks the cake



He did really well with the fork!



The girl who doesn't like junk food



Once the chocolate tip was finished, she didn't see the point in eating the rest of it


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Those Pesky Mosquitoes!

Ever since a new construction project has started near our home, the children and I have started to get lots of bites. Poor Ally woke up yesterday with 15 times on her arms and legs. She’s so allergic to them that her foot was so swollen. I had no choice but to give her antihistamines to give her some relief from the itch. We have a steroid cream that works really well but I hate having to medicate her unless it’s really necessary.

I’ve bought one of those vapour things for our rooms so I hope that will deter the mozzies!


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School and Insecurities

Ally will be starting school in January, I’ve finally found a school for her after months of research. We’re going for a kindy orientation tomorrow and ever since I’ve mentioned going to school, she’s been a bit insecure.

One thing about Ally, she hates surprises. If there is going to be a major change in her life or routine, you need to prep her way in advance. Now that she’s older and can vocalise her thoughts, it’s much easier. But I’ve noticed that she’s a bit more clingy, a bit more needy and a lot more whiny. I really hope that the orientation goes well tomorrow. It helps that a lot of her friends are already attending school so I use them as examples. She has said that she’s alright going on her own, but we’ll see. We’ve decided to let her bring her toy penguins to school, on the condition that they stay in her school bag. She can take them out for a sniff or a cuddle if she feels she needs them but other than that, they remain in the bag. I’m hoping that by letting her have her best friends in her bag it will make the transition much smoother.

As for me, I feel sad at the thought of not having her around in the mornings. But at the same time, I’m really excited for her. It’s a huge milestone, and I think I’ll find it just as hard to let her go.

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A Hug Goes A Long Way

Today I was reminded what a blessing and privilege it is to be a parent. Ally had gone to the bathroom on her own as usual but I guess she was too excited about going to the playground with her grandpa that she ran to the bathroom and slipped. I didn’t see or hear it, she didn’t cry or call out for me but when I walked to the kitchen she came out and said in a slightly teary voice ” Mama, could you give me a hug please? I fell down in the bathroom and hit myself.” I checked her over and she explained she was running and slipped on her bum. I gave her a huge hug as well as a “magic” kiss ( which makes all bumps and bruises better) She looked me in the eye and said ” I feel so much better after the hug mama, thank you.”

It doesn’t get any better than that, I say.


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Ally on Bars

Ally has been doing great at her gym lessons. I managed to capture a short clip of her on bars. Usually I’m too busy chasing after Max to take videos of her.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ally on Bars, posted with vodpod

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Update on the Spotty One

After two doses of Zyrtec, I’m happy to announce that the spotty one, is well, not so spotty anymore! It was definitely hives, but we’re not quite sure what caused it. Thankfully it didn’t bother him, the last time I had hives, I was so itchy that I went to get an antihistamine jab.

My little sarong boy

A Saturday Night Fever inspired pose

Just to add on to the good news, Ally went for her hearing test last week and passed with flying colors! Her grommets are still in there and I’m hoping they’ll stay for at least a while longer.


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The Spotted One

Max broke out in spots yesterday afternoon, at first I thought it was a mosquito bite. But then more and more spots appeared on his face, mainly on his forehead, some on his scalp. I have no idea what they are, but I doubt they are bites cos there are no puncture marks and he doesn’t seem bothered by them. It seems more like an allergic reaction to something he either ate or touched. Take a look and tell me what you think.


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